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Building Work 2015


We are very excited seeing our new extension rising from the ground. We are really looking forward to moving in when the work has been completed next term. We will have a lovely new reception area, a new office for our secretary Ms. deBurca, new Special Education rooms, and two new classrooms for 1st Class and 3rd Class. We will also have a new gas heating system for the whole school, a new septic treatment plant to replace our old septic tank, and a lovely new playground with extra parking.

Take a look at the progress so far....


The builders started work this month. They brought big diggers and scraped off all of the grass! They made the playground bigger and started digging holes. They worked right through the night to make sure that school was ready for all of the pupils and teachers coming back on the 27th August!


The builders were working really hard during September! A fence went up and there were lots of deliveries arriving- sand, cement, bricks and other things needed to make our new classrooms!

The builders dug the foundations and poured cement in. When it dried they left all of the bricks in, ready to start making the walls.

We love seeing all of the work going on when we are out at break times! Ms. Richards gave all of the staff a tour around the building site and the teachers had to wear hard hats! That's so if anything falls down it won't hurt them. 


November and December

January and February

March and April

Official Opening

We were delighted to celebrate the new extension at the official opening in June 2016. We held a special service of thanksgiving in Whitechurch Parish church and then all went back to the school for the ribbon cutting. We invited special guests including the Archbishop of Dublin and Glendalough, Dr. Michael Jackson. All the children had a wonderful day and even got ice creams afterwards for behaving so well!

Click here for Canon McKinley's speech at the opening.

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