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School Library

Over the Summer holidays, our library had an extreme makeover! The Kenna Family, very generously donated some money to help refurbish the library in memory of Aidan Kenna. Aidan was a parent at the school who sadly passed away last year. He loved reading books and the new library is a fitting tribute to him. Some of the teachers and school staff also helped out with painting and building flatpack furniture!

Below are some of the pictures of our new library. It is a very special place that all classes use for literacy activities, library time, reading and wellbeing activities. It even has a sensory area with lots of fantastic equipment and toys!

I am sure you can imagine the gasps from the pupils as they each saw the new library for the first time!

A huge thank you to Kirsa, Eva, Abigail, Libby and Peter for all of their work, enthusiasm and ideas!

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