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Maths and Numeracy


We have been looking at how we can improve our work in the area of Mathematics. To help us find out what areas we could improve upon, we gave surveys to the pupils, parents and teachers; as well as looking at test results and pupils work. 

The results from the surveys were extremely positive, showing that the children in this school feel that htey are generally very good at Maths. The children enjoy using Maths equipment and working in groups to solve problems so this is something that we will build on. The parents generally felt that the Maths work was set at the correct level for their child but they would like some more help understanding the Maths themselves so that they could better help their children with their homework.

Below are some links that may be of use to parents in understanding the Maths that their children are working on in school, along with some videos and tips for helping children with their work.


Maths Links for Parents:




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